Obama Does Not Understand Warfare

Obama's talk at National Defense University on 23 May 2013 reflected a failure to understand warfare. He stated, "This war, like all wars, must end," and then discussed the legal and human rights issues regarding drone strikes and detention at Guantanamo. Conventional war, between the armed forces of states, does have a clear start and a clear end -- but not warfare. In peace, when no one is capable and willing to use violence to achieve political ends, civil rights and legal procedures should receive great emphasis -- but in warfare doing so is very costly in time, blood, and treasure. Drone strikes and Guantanamo are just operational details. In war the goal is victory and a peace treaty. In warfare the goal is stability, but because of its protracted nature there is never a legal ending. Warfare is complex and protracted. Since the 1649 Treaty of Westphalia leaders in the West have thought of war and peace as dichotomous conditions. The current struggle with the Third Jihad,...(Read Full Article)