Netanyahu's negotiating tactics need revision

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' precondition for starting negotiations is that Israel accept the pre-1967 armistice lines as the basis for those negotiations.  Of course, east Jerusalem, including the entire Old City, is on the Arab side. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rightly rejects this and insists on negotiations without preconditions.  And he doesn't tire of assuring Israelis that he will not jeopardize their security. Abbas recently demanded that Netanyahu present a map of Palestine; Netanyahu declined. Three years earlier, the White House also pressed Netanyahu for a map, without success. Netanyahu gave as his reasons: the need for an understanding on security issues such as Palestinian demilitarization and an Israeli military presence on the Jordan River, and the need for an end-of-conflict agreement before dealing with the border issue. All this is well and good, but it is not without cost. While Abbas lays claim to 100 percent of the...(Read Full Article)