Lying to Congress -- the IRS vs. BP

With the controversy swirling around the IRS's Lois Lerner and the issue of what constitutes lying to Congress, it is interesting to note the disparate standards of proof between government officials, such as Ms. Lerner, and private citizens. Is there a double standard? In the wake of the government led oil spill containment operation following the Deepwater Horizon accident, two former BP employees were indicted. Once the President had proclaimed it a "Spill of National Significance" and appointed a "National Incident Commander", Admiral Thad Allen, the task became a government project. isagreements arose between the government and the ad hoc organization, paid for by BP, devoted to controlling the spill. Many of the individuals involved in the control efforts were not BP employees, they were hired contractors. The leadership of the National Incident Command was a mix of government officials, such as Admiral Allen and Rear Admiral James Watkins, now the head of the Bureau of Safety...(Read Full Article)