Like the IRS Scandal? You'll Love ObamaCare

So, we have learned that the IRS orchestrated systematic prejudice against Americans whose political views this administration's mobsters found distasteful. It order to decide upon whom to bestow what the law fully permits certain entities, regardless of their politics, some clever Brownshirts working for the most coercive governmental agency there is, decided that before these Americans would be denied their legal rights, they'd be made to dance for the enjoyment of liberal/progressive/Socialist bureaucrats. What sport! Equal treatment under the law has been made secondary to overt political intimidation by these fine administrators. No news here. Our Department of Justice is apparently nothing more than a field office of the ACLU, picking and choosing those to whom equality under the law will be awarded, based on the same sorts of characteristics that inform all our other governmental discrimination. One must meet the qualifications, after all. Wrong skin color? Sorry, no equality...(Read Full Article)