Like the IRS Scandal? You'll Love ObamaCare

So, we have learned that the IRS orchestrated systematic prejudice against Americans whose political views this administration's mobsters found distasteful. It order to decide upon whom to bestow what the law fully permits certain entities, regardless of their politics, some clever Brownshirts working for the most coercive governmental agency there is, decided that before these Americans would be denied their legal rights, they'd be made to dance for the enjoyment of liberal/progressive/Socialist bureaucrats. What sport!

Equal treatment under the law has been made secondary to overt political intimidation by these fine administrators. No news here. Our Department of Justice is apparently nothing more than a field office of the ACLU, picking and choosing those to whom equality under the law will be awarded, based on the same sorts of characteristics that inform all our other governmental discrimination. One must meet the qualifications, after all. Wrong skin color? Sorry, no equality for you. Wrong gender? Too bad. Wrong religion? Oops. Obviously, it was only a matter of time before belief in the fundamental principles of our entire system of government, as written, would land you squarely on the wrong side of the equality scale.

You want to enjoy a legal status to which you are entitled? Sure, but first, you must rat out the friends, family and associates whom we have decided are "undesirable". You see, we don't like their views. They believe in freedom of speech and association. They believe in privacy. They believe in the Constitution. They believe in the real God, not the ones we have elected.

These are just the sort of Americans we don't need. You understand, right? So, you help us, and we might help you. Either way, we'll have what we need to bring more force and coercion and intimidation to bear on Americans we don't like. We'll get back to you on that tax thing, so don't call us. And by the way, spend those 30 pieces of silver any way you'd like.

And that was just for tax-exempt status. What do you think they would do when it came to whether or not their political opponents got vital, life-or-death health care? Are there still people who are naive and gullible enough to think that necessary surgery on one's child could not be held up pending disclosure on who in your neighborhood owns guns, or speaks ill of the left, or thinks government is too big? Sure, you can have cancer treatment, as soon as you accept that you must make a significant enough contribution to the Elect Hillary Fund to unclog that bureaucratic blockage that has been holding up your treatment for weeks.

When your government owns your health care, they own you. They own your family. They own the right to decide whether you live or die, or whether someone more important to you than yourself lives or dies.

Conservatives have expected developments like the IRS disclosures at some point under this president. Given every other thing he has ever done politically, notwithstanding the platitudes spoken for the benefit of the low-information types, they are entirely consistent. Under this president, ideology has strangled integrity and left its body in the yard with a note. We are being fundamentally transformed into just the kind of thugocracy we have seen all over the world when petty, evil people obtain power and are not shy or sorry to use it to benefit their friends, and dispose of their enemies.

Medical treatment is supposedly so important that none of us can be without it, at least so we have been told. However, having ceded control over our medical system to the government, who among us actually thinks that something so important will not be manipulated and exploited by the left should it remain in power? Who is foolish enough to believe that it will not be used as a political weapon? If any other common blackmailer would hold one's child hostage to compel some kind of payoff, what makes anyone think that a much more powerful government bureaucrat would not do the same, knowing that you are powerless to stop him? This is the increasingly massive and unstoppable government, after all. The one to which those tax-exempt-status applicants object.

The medical administrators will know your party affiliation. They don't need to know anything more than that. Vote Democrat and you will be at the top of the list. Vote Republican and there won't be a list you can even find.

Government in health care is a terrible idea on countless levels, and we are finding out now the lies that were told to enact it. But radical, ideological, coercive government in health care is poison. It is unclear how many red flags need to be flown simultaneously for Republicans in positions of power to understand that there is no possible benefit in socialized medicine that outweighs the evil that its enforcers will do to people and the country at large. Though they don't appear up to the task, perhaps they will figure it out before the largest red flag we see flies for the party in power.

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