Humanitarian Disaster and Political Illusion

The continuing carnage and atrocities sweeping across Syria and the savagery committed against innocent men, women, and children defy the most nightmarish dehumanization committed by one against another. A government that slaughters its people and maims a whole generation is not a government with whom to negotiate. It is nothing short of a travesty that the Obama administration is still mired in the illusion that a political solution is possible. Meanwhile, tens of thousands more Syrians will be killed because of misplaced caution and the loss of moral perspective. The recent agreement between the U.S. and Russia announced by Secretary of State John Kerry to convene an international conference "as a follow-on to last summer's Geneva conference" to search for a political solution will undoubtedly meet the same fate as all previous efforts. It can certainly be argued that a political solution is preferable because the introduction of more sophisticated weapons, necessary to give the...(Read Full Article)