Gosnell: The New Dred Scott Case?

Anyone who is entangled by the Law knows it is almost always dehumanizing.   The law distorts the meaning of what it is to be human by chopping up overall concept of justice into finely sliced particulars.  The result often is that the overall moral concepts on which the law is based, such as the idea of justice, quickly disappear into labyrinths of legal technicalities and gamesmanship.   In other words, often the law as it is presently practiced is a butcher.  The human being is most often the casualty.   Seldom has legal butchery been more evident than in the case of Kermit Gosnell, who literally is a butcher.  While overwhelming testimony indicates the good doctor killed babies born alive through botched abortion, the defense has seen that the trial has quickly devolved into legal minutiae such as claiming the murdered babies were already dead when Gosnell "snipped" their spinal cords, basically beheading the helpless...(Read Full Article)