For Mainstream Media, Snoozing is Losing

For many mainstream journalists, legacy matters. Leaving a mark is the only ticket out of oblivion -- at least for a time. What legacies do reporters and editors have in, say, fifty years if they continue to flak for Barack Obama and the Democratic Party by not aggressively investigating the president's triple-header scandals? Advocacy journalism dead-ends at Palookaville. Fifty years from now, when the history of the Obama presidency is being written with the objectivity that distance affords, those news organizations and reporters who took the bones in their teeth and actually reported, who peeled back the onions to get at the crass politics, lies, and misuse of power by the president and his minions, will win laurels and places in the history books. Forty years ago, two ambitious young reporters -- one named Woodward and the other Bernstein -- went after a story called Watergate. Their no-holds-barred investigation and reporting triggered the first and only resignation of a...(Read Full Article)