Family 'Diversity' Goes Over the Top in Germany

A previous article by me at the website Mercatornet concerned how a German parliamentarian, Michael Kauch, and his homosexual partner and friends had taken the idea of "diverse" family relationships to a whole new level. Recent developments from Germany, though, show that Kauch is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg in the homosexual movement's previously described "modern experiment in libertine morals." Seemingly with every passing day Germany offers more reasons for international observers to "decide whether Kauch's present should be their future." As Germany's leading weekly newspaper Die Zeit noted in an April 13, 2013, story with ironically almost the same name as my earlier Mercatornet article (Vater, Vater, Mutter, Mutter, Kind, Kind), Kauch is not the progenitor of a so-called "rainbow family [Regenbogenfamilie]." In Die Zeit, Science journalist Sven Stockrahm reports on some of the 20,000 children in the care of German same-sex couples referenced before at...(Read Full Article)