Double Standards at University of California

A troubling double standard appears to exist when it comes harassment at the publicly funded University of California. The University has taken strong action against harassment, physical assault, terrorization and targeting individuals on the basis of their ethnic origin or religion -- except when the person under assault is Jewish, and the perpetrator is a member of an antisemitic or jihadi front group.  Then UC administrators have no time to answer emails pleading for protection.  President Yudof and the UC chancellors treat accusations of harassment of women as a violation of state law.  Harassment of black students is vigorously condemned, as it should be: "We will not tolerate racism in any form, and we will not hesitate to act to eradicate it whenever and wherever it arises."  In 2010, the university saw no free speech impediments to shutting down a student TV station and revoking its university funding because a racial slur was uttered.  When Berkeley...(Read Full Article)