Do You Remember Sweet Betsy from Pike?

For a long time since our founding, American society shared a common belief system, common morals and societal norms, and a common language.  It no longer does.  While the people who formed the great melting pot of yesteryear maintained aspects of their unique cultural identities, every new wave of immigrants proudly assimilated and embraced what it was to be an American.  Now, in a modern Trojan horse scenario with a twist, many people come to America hating everything we stand for.  They take our handouts while using the freedom we give them as a weapon against us. We have allowed our history and traditions to become the stuff of microfiche in musty libraries.  Popular stories, songs, and poetry that were once so important to our identity have fallen by the wayside.  One envisions Grandpa sitting by the fireplace recalling his favorite episodes of Duck Dynasty as he imparts some post-apocalyptic American history lesson to his grandchildren. While it...(Read Full Article)