Christie Conservatism

Once again, Chris Christie has walked the Jersey Shore with President Obama, and once again he has enunciated what his brand of conservatism means.  It is not, he said, an attempt to gain political advantage or advance one's ideology.  Nothing so ungenerous as that.  It's the opportunity to declare that the Jersey shore is "open for business."  It's the chance, perhaps, to squeeze a few more dollars out of the federal government for storm relief with a declaration from the president that "we're not done yet." What Christie cares about, or so it would seem, is not the usual roster of conservative values: limited government, tax reduction, personal liberty, and the like.  Rather, it's making sure that Americans know the beaches are open, the boardwalks are rebuilt, and that New Jerseyans continue to receive their fair share of reconstruction funding, and then some.  Christie's conservatism seems to stretch from Patterson to Cape May and no farther. It...(Read Full Article)