Boston, Benghazi, and Barack

Be careful what you wish for: being re-elected president of the United States is not all beer and skittles. It's called the Second Term Curse.  Watergate.  Iran-Contra.  Lewinsky.  The economy.  These events torpedoed the second terms of Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush.  No modern second-term president has gone unscathed.  And now, two deadly Bs are aimed squarely at the presidency of a third B, Barack Obama: Boston and Benghazi. Two of the cursed presidents, Nixon and Clinton, faced the genuine prospect of impeachment over the STC.  Both avoided it narrowly, but Nixon was still forced from office.  Boston and Benghazi offer the prospect of being far more serious than either Watergate or Lewinsky, because many human lives were forfeited.  Can Obama survive his incompetence on both being exposed?  Even the mainstream media is breathing down his neck now. In recent days, Obama has been hammered on both issues...(Read Full Article)