Blame Whitey: The Swedish Version

"Sweden riots expose ugly side of Multiculturalism and Immigration."  That would be an accurate title for an article describing the wave of mayhem unleashed by violent immigrants in the suburb of Husby, north of Stockholm.   The rioting is yet another example of tribalistic behavior on the part of bitter, entitled immigrants who have been unwisely welcomed into Western nations.  But that's not how Reuters saw things.   "Sweden riots expose ugly side of 'Nordic model'" is the slanderous title chosen by Reuters to describe an uprising of ungrateful third-world immigrants.   In case we in America haven't caught on yet, perhaps we should take note.  If the ultra-tolerant Swedes, with their giant welfare state and generous asylum policy, can't manage to satisfy the demands of third-world immigrants, then perhaps no one can.   But what is this "Nordic model," whose ugly side has been...(Read Full Article)