Black Conservative Attacks Abortion, Dems Faint Dead Away

Journalists and Democrats have designated a new Republican scandal: Bishop Earl W. Jackson "compared" Planned Parenthood to the Ku Klux Klan. On May 18, Jackson became the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia in this November's 2013 elections. An important detail in this drama is that Bishop Jackson is African-American. Much more alarming, Jackson has been leading a hard-hitting campaign to call on Blacks to leave the Democrat Party. Jackson argues passionately that no Christian -- Black, Hispanic, or Caucasian -- can remain any longer in the Democratic Party that booed God at the Democrat National Convention in 2012 and stands against God. He argues that the Democrat Party is like a modern-day plantation that takes Blacks for granted and exploits them. Jackson created and leads the annual Martin Luther King Leadership Breakfast, which draws hundreds to celebrate the ideals of Dr. King, in Chesapeake, Virginia (the region including Norfolk and Virginia Beach). He...(Read Full Article)