Bill Ayers and the Culture of Rape

Bill Ayers told a University of Oregon social justice class in 2012 "our fate hinges on our ability to open our eyes." Well, Bill, rumor has it you are a rapist, so let's open the discussion. Frontpage Magazine and several other sites published Donna Ron's account of what happened one Friday night in 1965. The terms "psychological rape" or "date rape" had not yet been coined but Ms. Ron's story, the kind the Left are so fond of, suggests Ayers was at most a rapist; at least, a sexual deviant. So when Ayers talks about women's rights, or mentions rape as he does in the University of Oregon lecture, he conveniently forgets to mention his own allegedly sordid past with women. Any woman who has suffered the humiliation of forced sex, whether psychological or physical, never forgets. Donna's ability to remember graphic details after many years is typical of those who have endured sexual trauma. The young women introducing Ayers to the University of Oregon class probably had no...(Read Full Article)