Abbas Lies Just Like Arafat Did

Israel, a tiny nation, is preventing the collapse of Western civilization in the Middle East.  Should the time come when the Israelis can't contain Islamic militant aggression, or they lose their battle over land ownership, that will be the time the rivaling Muslim sects will unite to eliminate the rest of the West. It must be true that many non-Muslims don't understand the depth of that reality, for if they did, we would all agree on who the enemy is.  Instead, many have allowed themselves to succumb to the years of false narratives spewed over and over again by Arab leaders and media and spread throughout the unbelievable as the stories really are. An example of this is the renewed fight over the Temple Mount, the holiest site for Jews and the third-holiest for Arabs -- a site battered and destroyed by Muslims to discredit Jewish rights to the holy place and demoralize the Jewish People. The Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem is where the First...(Read Full Article)