A Facts First Approach to Immigration Reform

Why in the world would we decide what to do with the current population of "illegal" or "undocumented" immigrants without first having a good idea of who and what makes up that population? Yet that is what every proposal to date, including the current Senate "Gang of Eight" bill does. While 11 million has been circulated and accepted as the number of illegal/undocumenteds currently residing in the country, this number has no credible basis. Studies that estimate our nation's homeless population, for example, are notoriously suspect and result in widely divergent conclusions. Estimates of a shadow population of illegal/undocumenteds are, by definition, exponentially more questionable. Yet clearly we would want very different treatments should the actual number be 2 million or 25 million. Even less is known about the makeup of this population. While today's overriding political narrative would have us believe the population consists primarily of hardworking, law-abiding,...(Read Full Article)