A Care-less Foreign Policy

The Middle East is on fire. More than 80,000 people have been killed in Syria's brutal civil war. Chemical weapons are being used against civilians. Scud missiles are raining down onto population centers. Jordan is drowning in a tidal wave of war refugees. Jihadists are on the march across the region. Sectarian violence is claiming up to 50 people a day in Iraq. The death toll last month was more than 700 -- "the highest since the dark days of summer 2008," as Lt. Col. Joel Rayburn recently reported. Encircled by enemies and buffeted by chaos, Israel appears to be on its own. And as the Middle East burns, America sits on the sidelines -- not helpless but rather care-less. The White House just doesn't seem to care. For those of us who were listening as Barack Obama began his endless campaign, this comes as no surprise. an America detached and disengagedis exactly what he advertised. For instance, Candidate Obama made it clear that it is not America's job to prevent genocide. As the AP...(Read Full Article)