3D Printers and the Transformation of Manufacturing

"Anybody who is new to 3D printing will walk away and remember their first introduction as similar to their first experience with Windows on their PC in 1988, or low-cost digital cellphones in 1996, or Google search on the internet in 1999. Truly transformative." So said "Michael" on the feedback Meetup thread after the company called Solidoodle held a demo/talk of their highly accessible 3D printers in several price ranges. "Made in the USA. Proudly tested," as their handout preens, "in Brooklyn." In fact the company heads speaking in mid-May at 6th Avenue and 45th Street seemed not to realize that for the reasonable price points they charge -- $499, $599, and $799 -- they offer maximal service in the case of shipping snafus or mishandling, flood or other act of misfortune. At those prices, they are underselling themselves when you consider the costs of servicing and maintenance even absent problems with the actual printer, once delivered and set up. It arrives at the customer's...(Read Full Article)