Why Government Bureaucrats Abuse Taxpayers

In 2010 the nation learned that the city manager and council members of Bell, CA were abusing their public positions and improperly giving themselves pay increases. The city manager had increased his public salary to nearly $800K a year. The police chief also managed to work himself up to a salary of over $400K a year. When local residents, who pay for these salaries, began to complain, the first response of the government employees was to cut back on town meetings. They refused to meet with townspeople or listen to their valid complaints. And unlike the heads of huge corporations with outrageous salaries, the city manager has the authority to force local residents to pay his salary through their property taxes. Corporate executives do not have the power to extort salaries through the threat to seize homes. This threat lies behind the ability of local government employees to tax property, which has become the primary source of public sector union wages and pensions. And local...(Read Full Article)