Why Don't They Do Something?

There appears to be a disconnect between widespread public discontent -- e.g., distrust of the federal government, hostility toward Congress, belief that the country is headed in the wrong direction -- and paucity of overt attempts to rectify the status quo. Many focus on the mainstream media (MSM) -- still the largest source of news for most citizens -- noting that the MSM's love affair with Barack Obama insures that negative stories -- e.g., Benghazi -- never get much, if any, coverage. The MSM's misreporting of the news probably anesthetizes some who might otherwise be motivated to "throw the bums out." Unquestionably, partisanship plays a role. People who think of themselves as Democrats, a portion of whom are also liberals/progressives/whatever, are less likely to view America's condition with alarm than people who identify themselves as Republicans, particularly those who also tend to be conservatives. There are at least three problems with just looking at partisanship. First, a...(Read Full Article)