UNESCO Fails to Condemn Hamas

All objective observers of Middle Eastern affairs understand that Hamas is determined to eliminate the State of Israel. They should also understand that by its behavior in March and April 2013 Hamas, is prepared to eliminate the non-Arab or pre-Arab history of areas it controls, in similar fashion to the actions of extreme Islamists in Pakistan and Mali who have destroyed evidence of other cultures. The Anthedon seaport is the oldest and the first known port of Gaza, and had a continuous history from 800 B.C. to 1100 A.D. during which time it was occupied by a series of rulers from neo-Assyrians to Islamic dynasties. Originally a Phoenician harbor and later a Roman site, the area of the seaport predates any Arab settlement. It was an important link in the interchange between Europe and the Middle East as the evidence of historical and archeological evolution shows. Because of the evidence, ruins of Roman temples and villas, mosaic floors, stone walls of the Roman period,...(Read Full Article)