Two New Palestinian Myths

Two new Arab myths have surfaced in the past week to complicate attempts by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to procure the resumption of the long-stalled negotiations between Israel and the PLO. The first myth can be directly attributed to Mustafa Barghouti -- a presidential candidate for the now defunct Palestinian National Authority -- who was roundly defeated by Mahmoud Abbas when elections were last held in January 2005. Interviewed by Arab American News (AAN), Mr. Barghouti was asked the following question: AAN: What about the United Nations situation with Palestine being granted Non-Member Observer State status this past fall, any new developments? Mr Barghouti gave this remarkable answer: "Not new, but this achievement was very important from a symbolic standpoint, it also eliminated any Israeli claim that the West Bank and Jerusalem are disputed territory. Now they are part of an occupied Palestinian state..." This is arrant nonsense. According to Mr Barghouti, there is...(Read Full Article)