To Hell with Christians

It's a bad time to be a Christian in the Middle East. Even worse to be a Christian pastor. Now consider this: An American Christian pastor in Iran who converted from Islam. You're right; a scary scenario. Such is the plight of 33-year-old Pastor Saeed Abedini of Boise, Idaho. He has been locked up in Tehran's notorious Evin Prison since September. On January 27, he was sentenced to eight years in prison on charges "of undermining national security through his Christian evangelical activities." Abedini, married with two young children, is an Iranian Muslim by birth, who converted to Christianity in 2000. Muslim converts to Christianity are of course apostates and heretics, and are condemned to hell -- to which Evin Prison is by all accounts the first step. Because Christians are forbidden to worship openly, many underground or "house" churches were established in Iran, and it was in this underground movement that Abedini and his wife Naghmeh, (an American visiting Iran, whom he...(Read Full Article)