The U.S. Navy Rides the Rail

Widely held as the Holy Grail of weapons design, the Electromagnetic Rail Gun has been in development for more than a century. Now, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the U.S. Navy, it will soon be part of our arsenal. Unconventional, Multifunctional and Motivating The rail gun is marvel of modern warfare. Unlike conventional weapons, which are reliant upon an assortment of chemical propellants, the EMRG does not require rocket fuel, gunpowder, or gas. Instead, electromagnetic energy is used to fire shells. To produce this surge of energy, electricity is poured though a pair of parallel rails and the current generates a series of highly charged magnetic fields. These fields act as an accelerant for a forty pound projectile which, from its position between the rails, is launched from the barrel. In flight, the rail shell reaches seven times the speed of sound. At that rate -- more than 5,600 MPH -- the kinetic kill muscle alone is enough to deliver a crippling blow --...(Read Full Article)