The Uncanny Union of Kermit and Miss Maggie

As I write, inside Room 304 of a Philadelphia courthouse there sits a 72-year-old bespectacled grandfatherly type who by all accounts smiles with an air of cool reserve as an avalanche of testimony from former patients and employees brings his unspeakable deeds to the sterile light of day. Dr. Kermit Gosnell of the Women's Medical Society in the ruins of Philly's West End is being tried for running a horrific illegal late-term abortion mill and eight counts of murder -- although this number is low by an order of magnitude since by definition this quasi-acceptable form of clinical murder is what pays the bills. But apparently in this case, those doing the dying were not the prescribed legal targets. Dr. Gosnell, who does not yet manifest fangs or green saliva, is on the hot seat after nearly 20 years of infant butchery -- not because he terminated life, but because he became greedy, sloppy, and no longer abided by the rules of antiseptic human sacrifice. Therefore, this elderly...(Read Full Article)