The Uncanny Union of Kermit and Miss Maggie

As I write, inside Room 304 of a Philadelphia courthouse there sits a 72-year-old bespectacled grandfatherly type who by all accounts smiles with an air of cool reserve as an avalanche of testimony from former patients and employees brings his unspeakable deeds to the sterile light of day. Dr. Kermit Gosnell of the Women's Medical Society in the ruins of Philly's West End is being tried for running a horrific illegal late-term abortion mill and eight counts of murder -- although this number is low by an order of magnitude since by definition this quasi-acceptable form of clinical murder is what pays the bills. But apparently in this case, those doing the dying were not the prescribed legal targets. Dr. Gosnell, who does not yet manifest fangs or green saliva, is on the hot seat after nearly 20 years of infant butchery -- not because he terminated life, but because he became greedy, sloppy, and no longer abided by the rules of antiseptic human sacrifice. Therefore, this elderly man, who would have been a credit to Dr. Mengele and his loathsome operating table, will be swallowed alive by two diverse modes of outrage: the first by those horrified advocates of the pro-life position and the second by those Pro-Choicers who are indignant that the Good Doctor has given the technical aesthetic of therapeutic murder such a black eye.

Chances are that if you haven't been manning the social media outlets of Al Gore's Internet you would have missed this one, since the story's P.C. bona fides register as a null set in the Progressive heart. There is nothing that turns a liberal off faster than news of a Black man snipping the spinal cords of helpless fully developed black children who are so viable that they could walk the Dear Doctor out to the bus stop. Indeed, selective abortion: liberalism's existential sacrament to autonomous human choice and feminine emancipation from the paternalistic horrors of maternity, will suffer a well deserved reproach if it is tarred with the same bloody brush as Gosnell. With that being said, rows of seats reserved for the valiant media in that courtroom are as desolate as Medea's heart. But if the truth were to be told, perhaps the public should learn to connect the dots between the wholesale slaughter of black babies and the abortion industry's uncomfortable racial connection with eugenics -- beginning with the Malthusian vision of Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger.

One would have to have been encased in Carbonite for the last several generations to have remained ignorant of Sanger's influence on the culture. Socialist, atheist, anarchist, libertine, and racial eugenicist rolled up into a fluffy package of Quasi-Nazi Science masquerading as the humane prophetess of dripping therapeutic concern, Sanger melded the disordered theories of 19th century Darwinism into a crusade to cull America's genetic herd. Believing that Negroes, Jews, Slavs and the teeming masses flooding to America's shores would dilute the genetic vitality of America through mongrel indolence and exhaustive breeding, Sanger's American Birth Control League, which would eventually become Planned Parenthood, held that we could "create a race of thoroughbreds" through a litany of methods including: sterilization, birth control, segregation to work farms, immigration obstruction, and selective deportation. Like the popular racial eugenicists of her day, she held that charity for the poor was counter to human collective interests and government should be in the business of actively encouraging and penalizing disparate groups in regards to their respective reproductive rates.

It is important to note that in her younger years, Sanger was not an advocate for abortion, although it is unknown if she maintained that position. Yet, her undeniable racialist posturing and emphasis on the elimination of "tainted breeding stocks" only lent legitimacy to the idea that the procreative abilities of inferior peoples should be reined in either through force or "persuasive" means. It was in formulating her "Negro Project" in 1939 that she sought the latter as the necessary strategy to achieve the ends of her dark pseudo-science.

That Sanger accepted invitations and spoke to women's auxiliaries of the Klan should not strain credulity, given her principles. But in order for her extreme views to gain traction in the Black Community, who had early on caught a good whiff of her true agenda, it would be necessary to cloak her message under the guise of family economics and health reform. That her efforts proved wildly profitable were due to her ability to convince esteemed people in Black Society to come on board and to begin the process of welcoming birth control facilities into negro communities. As to her strategy, Sanger offers up a revealing insight regarding the means that would be necessary to attain their ends. In a letter to Charles Gamble she writes:

We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. And the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

Today, Sanger's success in installing Planned Parenthood chapters even in some high schools and fulfilling her quest for the silent extermination of 1500 black children daily should not be surprising, given the groundwork that was set down not so long ago. As the birth rate for black families has now slipped under the aggregate replacement rate, those who concur with Sanger's eugenics should feel vindicated; although the elimination of the poverty she so enthusiastically promised is yet forthcoming. Needless to say, through the indoctrination of men like Kermit Gosnell, who are there to take up her bloody standard, Sanger's eradication of the black poor has taken on a new twist by a means she did not fully anticipate, even as the end result has enthusiastically fulfilled her greater purpose.

Gosnell's operation has been likened to a modern-day Charnel House: a place where he routinely slapped and abused impoverished black women and many times made them infertile with sepsis and venereal disease from his filthy instruments. He performed his ghastly operations under the cloak of night using personnel that were barely paid minimum wage and who were called upon to anesthetize patients who would be induced into labor all day long while lying in filthy chairs covered with bloodsoaked blankets. When the operation was eventually raided after a period of fifteen years of complaints and deaths without an inspection, the investigators found conditions resembling "a bad gas station bathroom" with cat urine and feces littering the dilapidated premises. To their speechless horror, aborted body parts were stored in the same refrigerator where employees kept their lunches and filthy bags of medical waste were left rotting in the cellar.

His mostly black employees are now turning upon him, but for years they carried out his wishes to the letter and patently lied when questioned by paramedics about a young woman who had been drugged to death with Demerol. She was among the many others who lost their lives or health due to unconscionable brutalities that resulted in perforated uteruses and by leaving little arms and legs rotting inside his patients. Women who came in for an easy way out of their predicaments were thrown from the frying pan into their own private purgatory located at 38th and Lancaster. As an aside, an interesting thing to note about Gosnell is that while he reportedly was indifferent to the suffering endured by women of color, every time the occasional Caucasian would come in for a procedure, he would handle her himself. When questioned about this special treatment by his staff, he would say to them: "it's just the way of the world."

If one has a mind to indulge oneself in ferreting out the truth here, you can find the 280-page grand jury report and in the process disgust yourself to no end. But the truly appalling aspect of this case is that this House of Horrors might still be occurring had it not have been for the illegal drug dispensing operation going on during the day while the Good Doctor was presumably asleep in his crypt. In spite of the manifold lawsuits and complaints that had amassed against The Women's Medical Society over the years, those in the Health Department and the State Attorney General's offices had long decided from on high to cast a blind eye on Gosnell's mausoleum -- since the touchy subject of abortion was deemed to be a hornet's nest of political grief. And after all, as an attorney for the defendant once casually offered, "People die."

Whether she would want to admit it or not, Kermit Gosnell is the end game in a natural progression that the eugenic philosophies of Margaret Sanger set into motion when lecturing about "human weeds" -- a callous rhetoric that judged life only by means of its social utility. When plucking weeds, one does not treat them lovingly but casts them in the garbage as a living entity unworthy of our carefully planned and tended gardens. Gosnell, no more than Sanger did, has no conception of the evil he has wrought in the world through his actions. And like the truly wicked are wont to do, they each firmly maintained that they were providing a service: a human good towards the advance of enlightened humanity. In at least my mind, they are joined forever in unholy union -- the prophetess and the priest offering sacrifice of the innocent. That the dream has turned out to be such a bleak and sordid nightmare is for us to wrestle with now that we can see through a glass quite clearly.

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca. and blogs as The Eloquent Professor at He can be contacted at