The Sheep of Watertown

The events following the Boston bombing were instructive as to how far we have fallen as a free society.  After having failed at their most basic fiduciary responsibility of keeping the country safe (surely more to come on this in the future), the government aggressively flexed its authority over its subjects, the residents of Watertown, Massachusetts.  Juxtaposed with the recent national debate on more stringent gun laws, the future of Americanism is in question.  Most disturbing was to watch the nameless and faceless domestic paramilitary forces all "ninjaed up," going house-to-house, conducting warrantless searches.  So much for the Constitution's 4th Amendment protections.  Residents were aggressively forced from their homes at gunpoint, physically pushed from their properties, ordered to put their hands over their heads, and personally searched on the streets, while their homes were subject to search without consent.  The footage found here, as an...(Read Full Article)