The Class Action Racket

Have you ever received a notice in the mail informing you that you might be a member of a class action lawsuit?  You probably have.  Did you even bother to read it?  Probably not.  Did you ever file a claim for compensation?  Probably not.  Did you ever file an objection to the settlement?  Certainly not.  Did you know that the lawyers bringing these suits get paid regardless of how many people file claims and regardless of how many class members actually get anything out of the settlement? In what could be the poster child for the dysfunctional class action system, plaintiffs’ lawyers in the Ford Explorer SUV class action settlement were awarded $25 million in attorneys’ feesby claiming that the class members were receiving a benefit of $500 million.  However, what class members actually received was a $500 coupon towards the purchase of a new Ford vehicle.  Only 148 of those were ever redeemed for a total value of...(Read Full Article)