John Kerry and the Great Peace Blocker

US Secretary of State Kerry is about to encounter the most intractible obstacle to peace in the Middle East, one which escapes the attention of most analysts. For the mired Middle East peace process the opposing camps usually blame four things: (1) The antipathy of Arab leaders to a Jewish flag in the neighborhood; (2) Israeli settlement building in the West Bank; (3) Israeli occupation; and (4) Palestinian insistence on the demographic bomb called 'Right of Return.' Kerry will no doubt encounter these blockers anew. But as he shuttles between the Israeli and Palestinian camps he won't hear of another one, perhaps the most obdurate of all: money. Buckets of easy money have institutionalized the conflict, making it here to stay. Even should the unimaginable happen and Kerry brokers an agreement, the problem won't retire to the margins. A monster edifice will be alive and well long after the diplomatic sideshow is consigned to the archives. You don't stop billions of cash flow,...(Read Full Article)