Syria, Hezb'allah, and EU Appeasement

The Syrian civil war may undo the European Union's attempts to appease Hezb'allah, and has revealed how the Iran-backed terrorist organization undermines -- rather than promotes -- Lebanon's interests. Following the July 2006 war that Hezb'allah provoked with Israel (in which Hezb'allah displayed its anti-ship, anti-tank, and UAV capabilities), UN Security Council Resolution 1701 required that all Lebanese militias disarm. By continuing to possess and acquire weapons since 2006, Hizb'allah has been in nonstop violation of Resolution 1701, but the UN Interim Force in Lebanon can hardly be expected to disarm one of the world's most powerful militias. Hezb'allah is estimated to have 40-60,000 missiles and rockets, and other arms that many countries lack. To justify its massive arsenal, which exists beyond the control of the Lebanese government, Hezb'allah has relied on its image as a Lebanese organization protecting Lebanese sovereignty. But Hezb'allah's tolerance of repeated attacks on...(Read Full Article)