Speaking Truth to the Media on Israel: The Masharawi Case

In his essay in 1921 on the primary role of a newspaper, C.P. Scott, the famous longtime editor of the Manchester Guardian, wrote, "[C]omment is free, but facts are sacred."  He held that not in what a paper gives, "nor in what it does not give, nor in the mode of presentation[,] must the unclouded face of truth suffer wrong." Scott would be anguished to find today that the face of truth about the State of Israel in his paper, now The Guardian, as well as some many of the media in the mainstream press and television, has been "clouded" for some years.  The most recent example of the inherent bias in reporting on Middle Eastern affairs is the case of the death of the child of Jihad al-Masharawi, a journalist employed in the BBC Arabic service. The child Omar al-Masharawi, aged 11 months, was killed on November 14, 2012 during Operation Pillar of Defense, the fighting in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.  Immediately he, and the 18-year-old sister-in-law of...(Read Full Article)