'Should my daughter be a doctor?'

Last weekend, after I gave a speech at a public forum about healthcare, a woman came up to the podium and privately asked me a question.  "My daughter was just accepted to medical school.  Do you think she should be a doctor?" This should have been the easiest question ever, but it was the opposite. I come from a family of physicians going back more than three generations.  It is what we did, what we were.  At a family gathering several years ago, I counted 14 men or women who were practicing physicians.  Three of the fourteen doctors had married medical school classmates, raising the "family" number to seventeen. Our family believed that the highest calling for a human being was to heal other human beings.  So it should have been easy and immediate for me to say to the mother at the podium, "Of course your daughter should be a physician.  There is nothing better in the entire world!" It pained me not to say that. A recent Wall Street...(Read Full Article)