Roger Waters and the 92nd Street Y: An Update

Much has happened in the intervening week concerning the appearance of Roger Waters, BDS supporter, and his scheduled event at the 92nd Street Y.  The event was canceled because Mr. Waters "has a conflict." But the 92nd Street Y has remained mute as to the details of the cancelation. After numerous unanswered calls to the director of public and media relations at the 92nd Street Y, I sent an e-mail with the following questions in an effort to allow the organization a voice to clarify matters. What is the 92nd Street Y's official policy on hosting people who are involved with the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS Movement)? Was the 92nd Street Y aware of Mr. Waters' deep involvement in the BDS Movement and his scathing denunciation of Israel at the United Nations? Was the cancellation of this event a direct result of the public pressure after JCC Watch sent out a community alert? Do you feel that Mr. Waters' rights are being abrogated if he is not allowed to speak at...(Read Full Article)