Republicans need to Change the Way They Think

Republicans suffer from many problems, as their most recent election "autopsy" reported, but the biggest problem is they let the Democrats define them in the public's mind. To counter this, Republicans must first rebrand themselves as the party of growth and prosperity. Second, they must learn to treat Americans as a continuum of people progressing in their quest to achieve the American Dream. Third, Republicans must define themselves as the party of the middle class, as they serve the changing wants and needs of all American as they strive for success and prosperity. There must be a clear vision and strategy that links individualism, hard work, and persistence with creation of personal wealth and prosperity, and one that mainstream Americans can understand and embrace as a solution to their problems. The bottom line is that many of their problems will require Republicans to change the way they think, and reconnect with mainstream Americans. Democrats have been able to set the...(Read Full Article)