Reports of the Obama Presidency's Death Are Exaggerated

A tentative murmur of hopefulness among some American conservatives is threatening to explode into joyous optimism.  A few rough days for the Obama administration, combined with Obama's lame duck status, seem to have created an intoxicating elixir of wishful thinking, and a surprising number of people are quaffing this elixir without reserve.  I feel like a teetotaler at a Dionysian bash, watching everyone else progressing from gaiety to hysteria, and wondering how they could be so careless as to set themselves up for the horrible morning after that awaits them. Obama is finished, the revelers exclaim.  His agenda has run out of steam, they muse.  He is beginning to look petulant and frustrated, they observe.  In fact, reports of the Obama presidency's death are not only, as Mark Twain would say, exaggerated, butdemonstrate the extent to which he has succeeded in fundamentally transforming America.  A government is truly transformative not because it...(Read Full Article)