Never Let a Dead Child Go to Waste

As harsh as that variation on a theme might sound, it is more disturbing still that this has become one of the primary policy devices of the American left to advance their political agenda. Most know the famous admission by Rahm Emanuel regarding a good crisis, but few of us can confess to the foresight to predict just how cravenly this overt policy of exploitation would come to be implemented.  That it has been practiced at the expense of the populace and the security of our country is a fact, but the truth remains too distasteful for some to fully grasp. The president does not mean well, and he is not trying to make things better.  He is flooding us, overwhelming us, because constant emergencies require constant statist solutions. From the very outset of the current administration, we have been treated to a seemingly endless eruption of crises, real and manufactured, which the president and his minions have manipulated with impressive skill and malice.  From the...(Read Full Article)