More is Never Enough

Barack Hussein Obama finally went to Israel. Before the trip, America had a schizophrenic, yet constant, Mideast foreign policy; stroking autocratic Arabs and alienating democratic Israelis. Indeed, the 'Brennan' doctrine took sides in the Shia/Sunni nuclear competition, the Ummah Armageddon that haunts every Semitic nightmare. American solidarity with Arabs, especially Saudi Arabia and the emirates, has become a peculiar variety of national masochism. Most Islamist terror originates with Sunnis. Irredentist Sunni theology originates in Egypt and Saudi Arabia and finds funding and sectarian solidarity in the Emirates, putative allies all. And recall the first Islam bomb, a Sunni gift from another dubious 'ally,' Pakistan. The Sunni nuclear threshold was breached 20 years ago while American intelligence slept. This is the same Pakistan that harbored Osama bin Laden for ten years after 9/11. This is the same Pakistan which is always just a bullet away from dictatorship or...(Read Full Article)