'Last Men' and Atheists

A few days back I did something that I generally loathe doing: entering into discussions with atheists on the existence of God via the Internet. They say that arguing on the internet is like participating in the Special Olympics: even if one were to somehow win, it would not mask the fact that the entire enterprise benefits, as one might say, only the "challenged." That being crudely said, in a medium like Facebook where few meditate over what others say and everyone is bound and determined to vomit up their misspelled viewpoints and hit "enter" as quickly as possible, I find that little gets accomplished in these firefights except for: gratuitous ad hominem assaults, the infusion of bad blood, and a burning desire to smash something in frustration -- especially if I have been trying to proceed with tact, logic, and good will. In this case with my unknown atheist friend, my original judgment was glowingly affirmed for the umpteenth time -- in spades. While not universally true, I have...(Read Full Article)