It's Almost 3 AM and North Korea's Calling

President Obama has a situation on his hands where charisma and media support do him no good.  He is dealing with a nuclear-armed regime with a history of military attacks, provocations as a means of extortion, and brutality.  Now they have announced they are restarting a reactor that produces enough plutonium to make a bomb a year -- a reactor that had been shut down before as part of a previous deal in which the North Koreans got things of value in exchange for shuttering it. Worse yet, the dictatorship is now in the midst of a possible power struggle.  Kim Jong Un is a man barely thirty, if that (we don't really know for sure), advised by his aunt Kim Kyong Hui and her husband, Jang Song Thaek, reportedly taking power from military factions and giving lucrative sources of income, including drugs and counterfeiting, to party factions. Gordon Chang writes: Every year, Pyongyang makes bombastic threats before the U.S.-South Korea military exercises. Then, the North...(Read Full Article)