Islamism in Texas

Neena Nejad, a Los Angeles-based producer, has been working for almost two years now on a film documentary about Amina and Sarah Said, the two Muslim girls in Texas who were murdered by their father in an Islamic honor killing on New Year's Eve 2008. Nejad and her team have been working with many people and have uncovered some provocative new information about the girls' father, Yaser Said -- information that has never been revealed in public before. Nejad and her crew just returned to Los Angeles from Texas. While they were in the Dallas area, they visited every place that at some point had been important in the lives of Amina and Sarah, and they talked to many, many people. Most of those people had never before talked to the media. Said Nejad: "It was such an emotional week talking to these people and getting to know Amina and Sarah better." But then on Monday, April 8, the situation abruptly changed. Now Nejad and her crew felt not only unsafe but the work environment was...(Read Full Article)