Islamic Terror and Suburban Entitlement

It has recently surfaced that Djokhar Tsarnaev told his mother a couple of years back that he was "willing to die for Islam." It now appears that he was playing for keeps and that he meant it. Further, it appears the little punk will get his wish. But, for two redundant weeks, people like Bill O'Reilly have been out there calling Tsarnaev a "coward." O'Reilly and others are flat wrong. Their rush to dismiss every last aspect of the terrorists' character is counterproductive and unhelpful. Unless "coward" is some byword escaping the common meaning, its application to Islamofascists is misguided. To Aristotelian ethicists' ears, calling Islamofascists "cowards" is as absurd as calling them all "gluttons" -- employed as if either of these vices captures some "unity of vice" operating within the souls of our enemies. The vices, like the virtues, each bear specific definitions and thus, specific usages. Tsarnaev is vile, a fell defiler, our enemy. He deserves death. Yet again, cowardice...(Read Full Article)