In the Shadow of Lady Liberty

It was a gorgeous day, with a shiny sun, clear cerulean sky and no wind and temperatures in the comfortable mid-50s. A dozen of us came from various boroughs to represent the millions who feel strongly that myriads of unvetted, undocumented, below-the-radar Hispanics from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and elsewhere in the isthmus have no business being here, let alone extracting healthcare, education, and social-welfare benefits meant for Americans; especially in a time of massive unemployment and underemployment, stagnant or receding salaries, and near bankruptcy in the one-time garden of democracy. We were a part of NY ICE, New Yorkers for Immigration Control & Enforcement, a New York City-based group that meets regularly to try to impact abuses of our borders, intrusions into our job structure, and rampant abuse of our municipal, state, and Federal budgets. We take a stand on border enforcement (we need better and more foolproof structures, guards, and apprehensions, fewer...(Read Full Article)