Immigration Must Benefit the Host Nation

A root factor of the April 15th bombing in Boston is the self-destructive immigration policy of the United States, which willingly allows the infiltration of those either dedicated to or susceptible to being converted to the tenets  and tactics of radical Islam.   Yet, despite the ongoing theatre in Washington D.C. regarding immigration reform, there is no effort to correct this glaring gap.  Instead, virtually all the national attention has turned to granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants before the border is fully secured.  Additionally, hidden within the legislation is a provision which establishes preferred status to those seeking to come to the United States from nations harboring active Jihadist movements such as Chechnya and Pakistan.   Lost amid all the discussion and demagoguery of so-called immigration reform is the foundational proposition that immigration policy should be based on what is good for the nation, and not for those...(Read Full Article)