'If We Can Save Just One Child...'

Adam Lanza, who slaughtered and maimed children and staff of his former elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, provided this year's convenient justification for new legislation controlling firearms in the U.S.  This week, President Obama brings Newtown victims' families to Washington for synchronized bloody shirt-waving on Capitol Hill in support of new restrictions on guns and gun owners.  "Moderate" and even conservative senators still embrace the effort to "do something," even though many premises of the proposed legislation are false. Myths about uncontrolled gun show and internet gun sales abound, with media reports erroneously claiming, for example, that "[f]ederal background checks are currently required only for transactions handled by the roughly 55,000 federally licensed firearms dealers; private sales such as gun-show or online purchases are exempt."  (Tell that to Gunbroker.com and other such sites.)  Connecticut, New York, Maryland, and Colorado...(Read Full Article)