How to Bring Middle East Peace and Stability

President Obama returned from his trip to the Middle East (ME) on March 23, leaving behind the illusion that peace and stability may still be an achievable goal between Palestinians and Israelis.  The key issue which is always left unresolved is how to neutralize the destabilizing role the Iranian theocracy and its two terrorist proxies, Hamas and Hezb'allah, play in preventing any meaningful progress. Complicating matters is Iran's drive to achieve a nuclear weapon capability.  President Obama in recent statements, repeated during his trip to Israel, declared that "Iran is still over a year or so" away from building a nuclear weapon.  Such statements should give no small comfort to Israel or the United States.  Director of National Intelligence LT General James R. Clapper, USAF (ret.)'s declaration that Iran could not produce weapons-grade uranium without it being detected is questionable.  According to Reza Kahlili, a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in...(Read Full Article)