Give Us a '50s President, Too

At a time when the headline of the day is a story about the bloody massacres of babies born alive in Kermit Gosnell's clinic, the almost bone-jarring contrast of Obama's speech at Planned Parenthood freezes every normal sense of credulity in unbelief. The story of one baby born alive in the Pennsylvania Gosnell horror mill is that the child was swimming in a toilet, trying to get out.  It was pulled from the toilet only to have its spinal cord snipped while the mother was still in the room. Yes, Mr. Obama -- give us the '50s any day. The mainstream media reported that Obama delayed his now-famous (or infamous) speech at Planned Parenthood so he could visit and console the families of those who lost loved ones in the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion. It seemed for a moment that the president had a heart, and perhaps he could put some priorities in order.  That is called PR -- or in a far more honest vein, it is pure propaganda. After hearing of the horrors and...(Read Full Article)