Give Us a '50s President, Too

At a time when the headline of the day is a story about the bloody massacres of babies born alive in Kermit Gosnell's clinic, the almost bone-jarring contrast of Obama's speech at Planned Parenthood freezes every normal sense of credulity in unbelief.

The story of one baby born alive in the Pennsylvania Gosnell horror mill is that the child was swimming in a toilet, trying to get out.  It was pulled from the toilet only to have its spinal cord snipped while the mother was still in the room.

Yes, Mr. Obama -- give us the '50s any day.

The mainstream media reported that Obama delayed his now-famous (or infamous) speech at Planned Parenthood so he could visit and console the families of those who lost loved ones in the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

It seemed for a moment that the president had a heart, and perhaps he could put some priorities in order.  That is called PR -- or in a far more honest vein, it is pure propaganda.

After hearing of the horrors and murders in Pennsylvania under Dr. Gosnell, we may be better-served to see the president skip both visits and instead visit the Gosnell clinic for a pause and a prayer - if the ghosts of those murdered there would allow it.

Had he visited the clinic on the day the baby was swimming in the toilet, would he have pulled it out and demanded its life be preserved? Would he in a moment of honest conscience stood with the helpless?

Mr. Obama has already answered that question. In the speech made at Planned Parenthood he clearly stated where he would stand.  He said "You've also got a president who's going to be right there with you, fighting every step of the way."

Mr. Obama sees himself as leading the nation into the 21st century, and he justifies his abortion stand as protecting women's health.  We can only wonder if he skipped every biology class ever offered in high school and college.  Being pregnant is not a health problem, and living, perfectly viable unborn human beings, in or out of the mother's womb, don't have any health problems, unless the will to live is now considered unhealthy.

Yes, we'll take the '50s any day, when pregnancy was not a health problem and no president would be found fighting for the freedom to kill the unborn.

In the '50s, women didn't think they were in a war with conservatives; they knew they were in a war only with overeager young men.  Those young men usually lost, which in turn produced a situation where there was no need for an abortion.  Yeah, we'll take those days.

We will also take the '50s presidents who left a legacy for us rather than a stream of blood from our own offspring.

President Truman, who took up after Franklin Roosevelt from 1950 to 1952, faced and reined in the reckless power of the corrupt unions instead of coddling them to buy votes as Barack Obama has done.  He also gave us the Truman Doctrine, which served to halt the expansion of communism in Eastern Europe.  Mr. Obama has brought more communistic socialism into a once free nation than any president in history.

From 1953 to 1961, we were graced with one of the best presidents in our history.  Dwight Eisenhower knew the strategies and planning it would take to win the greatest war in history.  Mr. Obama doesn't understand the War on Terror and can't discern between an act of terrorism and "workplace violence" as the Fort Hood massacre resplendently illustrates.

Obama has given us failed green projects like Solyndra and bailouts, while Eisenhower built the nation's highway system, being used to this day.

Americans have rated Eisenhower among the top-ten presidents of all time.  Only liberals would dare to put Mr. Obama anywhere on the ratings scale.

The '50s is when the phrase from our Declaration of Independence actually had some meaning: namely "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Everything this administration has pursued ends in death and little or no happiness for anyone in this nation.  Let's see:

Taxing the rich: death of free enterprise.

Running guns to Mexico: death for border patrolmen.

Dropping bombs from drones: death of non-combatants, including Americans.

Ignoring cries for help from embassies under attack: death for our ambassador and several brave U.S. Servicemen.

The fight to abort perfectly healthy unborn children: death on a grand scale -- 60 million and still counting!

ObamaCare: death, or at least the suggestion of it, in assisted suicide counseling.

Fighting the Canadian pipeline: death to ending our dependence on foreign oil from flighty nations and some of our worst enemies.

Reckless spending: death to the fiscal well-being of the future generation and any hope of financial recovery.

Promotion of the gay agenda and same-sex marriage: death to all morality, and the oldest God-given convention since the beginning of time.

Yes, Mr. President...the '50s looks pretty good standing next to you.

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