Gay Marriage and the Dysfunctions of Modernity

The cases before the Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage are significant far beyond the issue of whether a small sub-section of less than 3% of Americans deserve government benefits available to heterosexual married couples, or even whether traditional marriage will be damaged by same-sex marriage. That this issue has even arisen at all is testimony to the dysfunctions of modernity that have radiated throughout the culture and created numerous social problems. The ideology of modernity is that we moderns, armed with superior "scientific" knowledge about human nature and social behavior, can intervene in traditional cultural and social mores, customs, and habits in order to improve or discard them if necessary. The traditions and wisdom of our ancestors, accumulated over centuries, are flawed, based on irrational superstition, ignorance, and prejudices that created injustice and oppression. Understanding the true, "scientific" mechanisms of human and social behavior, we moderns...(Read Full Article)